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Kolanky Group collective activities – Flying forward, Happy walking forward!


To celebrate Women's Day 3.8, Kolanky Group has organized a large-scale group event with the theme of Jump Time. In this activity, all employees of Kolanky Group show the spirit of youth and vitality. We are not only a model in the work, but also a happy team.

Our game is divided into three major blocks:

1 We are a family - Tear Brand. All groups are united in order to win the victory and do their best.

Kolanky Group Company collective activities

2. Happy Planet - Blinking With the instructions of the beginning, let us collide with the spark of passion.

Kolanky Group Company collective activities

3. Friendship sticky music. If you are not happy, you will be lame. If you are happy, you will stick and stick!

Life has more than work, poetry and distance. With the laughter, Kolanky Group building activities ended perfectly. Let go of yourself and be happy. The future is a trampoline, and our company will fly higher and go further! We will set a new era. Come on
Kolanky Group Company collective activities