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Russia became the largest LNG supplier in Europe in February


Russia's LNG delivered to Europe reached a record level in February, ranking first among suppliers.

Reuters quoted Refinitiv Eikon as reporting that the Yamak LNG project led by Novatec delivered 19 shipments to Europe, totaling 1.41 million tons.

This is the highest output since the project began exporting LNG in December 2017, and it is the first Russian supplier to become the European LNG import terminal.

Due to the decline in demand and prices in Asia, LNG, which was not in the Yamal project, was shipped to Asia in February, and the last shipment dates back to May 2018.

In contrast, the liquefied natural gas delivered by the United States to Europe in February reached its lowest point since November, and only nine shipments of European import facilities were unloaded, totaling 640,000 tons.

Since October, Qatar has supplied 18-19 items per month on a regular basis. In February, 18 shipments arrived in Europe, totaling 1.33 million tons, five more batches of LNG goods than in the same period last year.

Other major European suppliers are Nigeria (16 shipments in total) and Algeria (18 batches).