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Crude oil market supply changes


In 2019, the geo-risk of the global oil and gas market continued to ferment, the United States and Iran disputed the Iranian nuclear issue, and the prospects for sanctions were still unclear; Venezuela's crude oil exports were not optimistic; US shale oil production continued to grow, and traditional oil-producing countries such as OPEC and Russia The game may be intensified; the risks and opportunities for crude oil production growth in Brazil and other countries coexist, and the global crude oil market supply growth uncertainty or continued increase.

In the future, the global oil supply side will be highlighted by the unstable “triangular game” between the three countries of the United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia. This also means that the future international oil market will be more complicated and uncertain, and the uncertainty and prediction difficulty will be further increase.

At present, the EU, Russia, China and other countries and regions are actively promoting "de-dollarization" and seeking the right to speak of energy finance. In the future, with the emergence of more oil and gas currency settlements such as “Petroleum Euro”, “Petroleum Ruble”, “Oil/Natural Oil”, etc., it is expected that competition among major powers around the global energy finance will become more intense.