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Russia's Gazprom Neft,Iran's NICO agree Iranian oil field studies


Russian oil producer Gazprom Neft and national Iranian Oil Company(NIOC)agreed on Tuesday to conduct a study into the possible development of two oil fields in Iran,Russia's energy ministry Alexander Novak said.
Iran,OPEC's third largest oil producer,plans to launch next year a new-style contract for helping develop its oil and gas fields with tender to be the first since the lifting of sanctions.
Novak said Gazprom Neft,the oil producing unit of gas monopoly Gazprom,has signed a memorandum of understanding with NIOC and Gazprom Neft will now conduct a study for the Changouleh and Cheshmeh-Khosh oil fields in Western Iran.
A deal on producing oil at the two fields could follow,the minister said.