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Russian Gazprom boosts output as gas exports increase


    In the January-August period of 2021, Russian leading state-run energy producer Gazprom has raised production of natural gas by almost 18 percent, against the very period of 2020.

    The firm’s report, issued previously in the present week, read that the gas producer noted its production came to 337.2 billion cubic meters, representing a year-over-year expansion of 17.9 percent.

    At the same time, natural gas exports outside the past Soviet Union witnessed a rise of 19.4 percent hitting 131.3 billion cubic meters. Supplies of natural gas to Turkey reportedly soared 173.6 percent in the first eight months, whereas shipments of the fuel to Germany and Italy surged by 39.3 percent and 15 percent correspondingly.

    Gazprom also announced a strong increase in sales to Romania of 344 percent, whereas supplies to Serbia and Bulgaria increased by 123.9 percent and 50.9 percent each. In the meantime, shipments to Finland expanded by 22.7 percent. Greece raised purchases by 15.8 percent, whereas sales to Poland witnessed a marginal expansion of only 12 percent.