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Australia: Gladstone LNG exports dip in February


LNG exports from the three liquefaction plants located on Curtis Island off Gladstone reached 1.79 million tons during February 2020.

The volume was spread across 27 cargoes, data from the Gladstone Ports Corporation shows.

Compared to the previous month when 1.98 million tons of LNG have been exported from the three facilities, this represents a 9.6 percent drop.

However, compared to the corresponding month in 2019, when 1.74 million tons of LNG was exported on 26 cargoes this represents a 2.9 percent increase.

Malaysia was delivered 246,410 tons of LNG, followed by South Korea with 226,454 tons and Singapore with 67,452 tons.

The LNG export plants located on Curtis Island include Shell’s Queensland Curtis LNG, Santos Gladstone LNG, and the ConocoPhillips-operated Australia Pacific LNG terminal.